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Download [] Trigger happy: Halloween Apk For Android

Download [] Trigger happy: Halloween Apk For Android
How to Download Trigger happy: Halloween Apk New VersionDownload free Trigger happy: Halloween Apk Game
Trigger happy: Halloween
Trigger happy: Halloween Apk New VersionGame description: Trigger happy: Halloween
Trigger happy: Halloween - shoot the zombies and other monsters attacking you in whole hordes. Use various wpons and pull the trigger. This Halloween will be fun. Of course, if you're not very fond of sweets, but you love destroying hordes of monsters. The hero of this Android game is the only zombie apocalypse survivor. Now he must defend his life shooting terrible monsters. Remember that wpon ammo is limited. Don't forget to buy ammo in the store and collect them from the enemies.
Game ftures:
Grt graphics
Good audio
Different wpons
Dynamic gameplay
“Who is that creeping along the lawn
Better get my guns out whether its dusk or dawn
Whoa that is a big skeleton I need to bt
With my arsenal that will be a trigger trt”
This action horror shooter takes players through eerie farmlands and creepy cemeteries in two tense campaigns. A lone survivor of the apocalypse needs to overcome endless waves of zombies, skeletons and other crtures of the night. Players are armed with a wide and devastating array of upgradble wpons.
Survivors will be putting these wpons to the test against horrific zombies, sword-wielding skeletons and huge bosses. Ammunition for special wpons is scarce but can be replenished at the in-game store with loot found on corpses. Fortunately, the standard pistol never runs out of ammo and can always be used as a last resort. In addition to firrms, hlth items and multipliers can be scavenged from the battlefield.
Five wpons are gradually unlocked as players level up and ch can be upgraded to incrse firepower, enlarge clip size and improve reload times. Skilled survivors can use the environment to their benefit by collecting hand grenades and shooting explosive barrels. Lucky survivors even can unlock the beserker mini gun, which is very powerful and effective against larger infected and boss enemies.
Surviving Halloween has never been this fun!
+ Intense survival horror gameplay
+ Wield a wide array of devastating wpons
+ Crte havoc with the beserker mini gun
+ Scavenge the battlefield for cool power-ups and upgrade your arsenal
+ Two action-packed levels of gorefest fun
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October 9, 2014

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