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Download Cheetah Simulator v1.1 apk for android

Download Cheetah Simulator v1.1 apk for androidDownload Cheetah Simulator v1.1 free Download Cheetah Simulator v1.1 New version

Cheetah Simulator v1.1 apk
Download Cheetah Simulator v1.1 apk for androidCheetah Simulator v1.1
Enter into the wild savanna and live the life of a Cheetah! Explore a vast grassy plain filled with ferocious animals of all shapes and sizes. Raise a family, hunt down food, and battle for your life against fierce predators like hyenas, crocodiles, and lions!
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Game Ftures
+ RLISTIC SIMULATOR - You'll need to maintain your hlth, hunger, thirst and energy if you're going to survive in the hostile plains of the African savanna!
+ BLAZING SPEED - Race your way through the vast world at blurring speeds that will lve your enemies in the dust!
+ EPIC BATTLES - Use your razor sharp claws, swift speed, and ddly pounce to hunt down tasty snacks and fight dangerous exotic animals like elephants and lions!
+ START A CHEETAH PACK - Find a mate to bond with and raise your very own family of cheetahs! Watch your cubs grow in size and strength as they help you battle your enemies!
+ LEVEL UP YOUR CHEETAH - Gain experience by defting and devouring enemies and level up your cheetahs to incrse their hlth, attack damage, and even unlock new abilities!
+ CHEETAH SURVIVAL GUIDE - Look to your handy survival guide for information on enemy wildlife, a map of the savanna, cheetah customizations, and much more!
+ HUGE 3D ENVIRONMENT - Your cheetah is free to roam a massive open-world environment that is more the double the size of the previous simulators!
+ NEW TOUCH-BASED CONTROLS - Brand new intuitive controls let you navigate your animal like never before! Pinch to zoom and play from your cheetah's perspective or get a bird's eye view of the action!
+ 20 UNIQUE AFRICAN SPECIES - Behold the largest collection of animals ever put into a single simulator! Hunt down elephants, hippopotamus, wild boars, gazelle, zebras, pythons, camels, bats, rhinoceros, and many more!
+ HD GRAPHICS - Stunning High Definition graphics will transport you to a remote grassland ecosystem and surround you with nature's buty! New Graphics Quality options allow you to customize the game to look amazing and perform grt on any device!
+ OPTIONAL BLOOD EFFECTS - Looking for more rlistic action? If you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the blood effects for some added combat ferocity!
+ GLUTEN-FREE PROMISE - With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!
Download the Cheetah Simulator to experience the adrenaline pumping speed of the world’s fastest animal!
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What’s New
☆ Several Bug Fixes
☆ New Animals: Camel and Bat
File name: Cheetah Simulator v1.1.apk
Updated: 23 October 2014
Size: 43MB
Current Version: 1.1
Requires Android: 2.3 and up

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